Kiwi Herb

Kiwiherb products are totally unique and innovative formulations designed to promote good health in an increasingly polluted world.

Kiwiherb's roots are strongly embedded in traditional herbal philosophy, while at the same time we are a strongly science-based company dedicated to producing the highest quality natural herbal extracts.

Backed by one of New Zealand's best known and well respected medical herbalists, all formulations in the Kiwiherb range have drawn on extensive clinical experience in their development.

With its clean & unpolluted air, water and soil and intense natural sunlight, New Zealand has a climate and environment that ensures ideal conditions for growing medicinal herbs. The quality of many of these is amongst the best in the world. An important part of our company philosophy is to preferentially source our herbs from New Zealand organic growers.

We are also passionate about the unique health-promoting properties of our products made from New Zealand native plants. We work closely with local iwi (Maori communities) to ensure these plants are wild-harvested (collected from their natural environment) in a sustainable & ethically sound manner, and to ensure local Maori commercially benefit from the use of these ingredients.

All herbs used in the manufacture of Kiwiherb products are the same as those used by medical herbalists, and all products are manufactured by experienced pharmacists. This ensures a consistently high potency, top quality herbal product.

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