Geranium / Pelargonium

Any of the approximately 300 species of perennial herbaceous plants or shrubs that make up the genus Geranium (family Geraniaceae), native mostly to subtropical southern Africa. They are among the most popular bedding and greenhouse plants. The closely related genus Pelargonium contains some 280 species of annual, biennial, and perennial herbaceous plants also commonly called geraniums. Some species have fragrant leaves. Geranium oil smells like roses and is used chiefly in perfumes, soaps, and ointments.

Geranium oil is cleansing and refreshing and has a fresh, sweet, floral fragrance. The leaves of the geranium have a mild tonic action, suitable for all skin types. It may be used in the treatment of acne, cellulites, dull skin, lice, menopause, and oily skin.

Safety Precautions: May cause dermatitis in hypersensitive persons. Avoid during pregnancy.

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