E'LIFEXIR "Flat Tummy" digestive tablets are sold world wide in over 30 countries and are manufactured in Madrid by Laboratories Phergal, S.A. to the very highest GMP standards of manufacturing. These international standards ensure the best quality ingredients, constant research and development and rigorous methods of production as well as providing full security for the consumer and compliance with the latest EU environmental regulations.

E'lifexir 'Flat Tummy' contains 30 chewable tablets of fructo-oligosaccharides - carbohydrates of vegetable origin found in bananas, garlic, artichokes, onions, asparagus, corn and oat. These fructo-oligosaccharides help to stimulate the growth of the bifidobacteria, thus achieving a metabolic balance that will favour the intestestinal transit and so facilitating and obtaining a flat tummy. E'lifexir Flat Tummy has a pleasant taste.

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