Phyto Soya Range by Arkopharma

Phyto Soya Range by Arkopharma

Perimenopause and established menopause: two important stages in a woman’s life, that prove to be difficult to get through.

The hormonal upheaval that takes place, reflected by estrogen deficiency, is responsible for climacteric disorders considerably affecting the quality of a woman’s life, every day of that life.

Many women then complain of hot flushes, night sweats or insomnia, or experience mood swings for no apparent reason.

The efficacy of Phyto Soya Capsules has been demonstrated by performing several clinical trials, initiated by Arkopharma, which have shown it to make a significant reduction in the number of hot flushes experienced by women during the perimenopause and the menopause, and that tolerance of the treatment is excellent.
These clinical trials have, indeed, been published in international journals.

The other parameters studied, such as insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, vaginal dryness, disturbance of libido, also decreased significantly in nearly one patient out of two.

Arkopharma's expertise in the field of the menopause has also enabled it to develop a wide range of complementary products such as Phyto Soya Age Minimising Cream, Phyto Soya Personal Hygiene Solution.

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