Prostabrit is a food supplement containing standardised rye-grass pollen extract.

ProstaBrit For Men is a food supplement containing cernilton, a unique pollen extract derived from rye grass plants grown under controlled conditions in Southern Sweden. Extracts are isolated using a specialised extraction process to ensure a standardised extract of the highest quality that provides consistent levels of ingredients in every capsule purchased.

ProstaBrit is used in many countries by men who continue to live an active and comfortable lifestyle.

Two capsules should be taken each day as a food supplement for at least 3 months. After that, ProstaBrit should be taken daily at 1-2 capsules/day for maintenance.

Standardised extracts of rye-grass pollen (water-soluble, fat soluble), micro-crystalline cellulose, gelatin capsule shell, di-calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide.

ProstaBrit does not contain gluten.

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