MET-Rx is a leading worldwide sports nutrition brand. Their scientifically backed nutritional products are designed to support optimum physical performance. The MET-Rx product ranges include protein-rich supplements to help grow lean muscle and lose body fat, powerful vitamin formulas and strength enhancing creatine products.

Metamyosyn was developed by Dr Scott Connelly, based on his research into lean muscle mass. This powerful blend is unique in that it supplies proteins that have both different physiological effects and different digestion rates. Tests have shown that the Metamyosyn protein formula produces more muscle mass and strength ? while losing more overall body fat ? than whey protein supplements.

MET-Rx continues to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition with a diverse range of products engineered for the next generation of athletes and gym goers ? state-of-the-art nutrition that enables MET-Rx users to achieve their professional and personal goals.

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