Manuka Gold

Manuka Gold, Manuka Gold, Manuka Honey & Propolis and Medibee ranges are from William Ransom & Son Plc - the UK's oldest independent pharmaceutical company.

The company was founded over 160 years ago in 1846 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire by William Ransom. William was a Quaker philanthropist and most importantly for us, a botanist. William, a contemporary of Charles Darwin, was a highly influential figure in early research into the analysis of botanicals.

Using skills, knowledge, and close working partnerships with growers around the world the company is evolving from a simple pharmaceutical and extract manufacturer into a company leading the development of natural consumer healthcare products.

In all honey, bees play a major role in introducing hydrogen peroxide a well known antiseptic with antibacterial properties.

Laboratory tests have shown that UMF® Manuka Honey is effective against a wide range of bacteria which includes the strains present in wounds and the stomach (helicobacter pylori).

The Honey Research Centre at Waikato University has undertaken extensive research into Manuka Honey and believes it has an antibacterial action that is separate to the peroxide effect giving it a more persistent and stable antibacterial action.

UMF Manuka Honey

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The UMF® rating is defined by a set laboratory test for antibacterial activity that compares the honey's potency against phenol, a standard reference antiseptic. For example, UMF10+ has an antiseptic potency to a 10% solution of phenol. Therefore the higher the rating, the more powerful its antibacterial activity.

Not all Manuka Honeys have the UMF® activity and those that do vary in the level of activity, 10 being the minimum.

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