Biofirm (by New Nordic)

New Nordic was established in the early 1990's in Copenhagen and based on using a new technique to extract natural-source antacids from the fibres of citrus fruits to give relief from heartburn and acid reflux without disturbing natural acid levels in the stomach. Since then, the range has extended with the development of numerous vitamins, minerals, herbal and other food supplements that help to promote vitality and well-being and fight age-related degeneration.

BioFirm by New Nordic is a gentle, yet effective synergy of herbs and citrus/vegetable pulp, which are known to support your body's own natural internal processes of elimination and detoxification. Herbs like asparagus, globe artichoke and dandelion are known to be able to stimulate the break down and eliminate waste and toxins. Nettle, celeriac and thyme are beneficial for the flow and elimination of fluids. The high content of fruit and vegetable pulp will nourish your intestinal mlcroflora, as they are healthy probiotics. BioFirm also contains a unique blend of flavonoids which can help you balance fluids, gaining a firmer body and reducing cellulite finally resulting in a better looking you. A common problem due to an unhealthy diet and lack of flavonoids, is that fluid and waste material from the cells build up and collect in the tissue spaces, the gaps between your cells. The tissue spaces have a very large capacity for holding fluid and waste material. Healthy and elastic capillaries will allow the fluid and waste material to re-enter from the tissue spaces to be processed and eliminated. If you lack nutrients such as flavonoids, the capillaries might not be able to function properly, resulting in fluid and waste retention in the tissue spaces.

Ingredients: 6 tablets contain Chicory root (radix chichorii) 2000mg, Citrus fruit pulp (rich in flavonoids) 780mg, Nettle (urtica dioica) extract 5:1 740mg equal to 3000mg dry herb, Dandelion (taraxacum officinale) extract 600mg 5:1, equal to 3000mg dry herb, Citrus fibres (rich in pectic polysaccharides) 600mg, Psyllium (semen isphagula) 600mg, Asparagus 510mg 5:1, equal to 2550mg dry herb, Globe artichoke (cynara scolymus) 444mg extract 13.5:1, equal to 5990mg dry herb, Celery seed (apium graveolens) extract 330mg %:1, equal to 1650mg dry herb, Tyme (thymus vulgaris) extract 125mg 7:1, equal to 875mg dry herb.

Dosage:2 tablets 3 times daily taken with a large glass of water in connection with a meal. The result will be significantly enhanced if you follow the course for at least 4-6 weeks. Drink plenty of water (1.5 - 2 litres per day). The course may be repeated twice a year.

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