Ideal Omega Blood Test (Finger Prick)

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Most of us know omega-3 is good for us. But how good? From a small prick in your finger, the Ideal Omega test measures the level of omega-3 in your blood, and determines the individual requirement of this super nutrient you need to improve your health. It's that simple.

Why knowing your Omega Balance score is so important.

The Omega-3 Index has been shown to be a better predictor of heart issues and especially sudden cardiac death, than traditional coronary heart issues risk factors including LDL and HDL cholesterol. Individuals with a high Index have a decrease in the relative risk for sudden cardiac death by as much as 90%.

The science behind the Omega-3 Index has been validated by data from large-scale human clinical studies including the Physicians' Health Study (PHS), which involved 14,916 healthy male physicians. In these studies the Omega-3 Index was clearly related to risk of having a heart attach.

Your Omega-3 Index cannot be predicted with certainty without analysing your blood. Many factors including age, sex, weight?

Ideal Omega Blood Test (Finger Prick)

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