Lamberts CalAsorb (as citrate)
180 tablets

Product Code: LAM8238-180


It is well established that many peoples diets provide insufficient supplies of calcium. And this problem isnt just confined to adults as official figures show that 71% of UK female teenagers aged between 16 to18 years old fail to consume adequate calcium from the diet and that there are a quarter of UK 4 year-olds following this trend as well.

Calcium intakes of girls and women are of particular concern because of the risk of osteoporosis.

Lamberts CalAsorb supplies calcium in the citrate form for superior absorption, with three tablets providing a full 800mg of calcium which is the recommended daily allowance.

Due to its maximum strength and high absorbability, we think youll find it an invaluable calcium and a perfect partner to Lamberts MagAsorb (high strength magnesium presented in the citrate form).


Three tablets provide Calcium (as Citrate) - 800mg.


3 tablets daily with a meal.

Lamberts CalAsorb

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