Higher Nature Super Strength Collagen (formerly CollaFlex Drink)

Product Code: COD185

This new formula CollaFlex Drink tastes great. It also provides more collagen per scoop and dissolves more easily than our previous drink. What better way to feed our joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin with collagen?

Collagen is found not only in our joints (cartilage), tendons, ligaments and bones, but also supports and firms our skin.

Unfortunately, we lose about 1.5% of our body's collagen every year after the age of about 30, and this is not easily replaced from food.

Higher Nature's CollaFlex Drink provides pure marine collagen, hydrolysed for easy absorption, as a nutritional support for joints. While most collagen products on the market are made from pork or chicken, ours is sourced from fish, including tilapia and nile perch.

This collagen drink dissolves easily in fruit or vegetable juice (works well with orange or pineapple).

One scoop typically provides:
6100mg hydrolysed collagen (marine, non-5hark) providing hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in combination with other amino acids to a 90% minimum protein content.

Suggested intake:
Add 1 scoop of granules to fruit or vegetable juice, once a day. A daily vitamin C intake is also recommended for optimum collagen function.

Hydrolysed collagen (from fish, including tilapia, Pangasus and Ictaluridae).

Higher Nature Super Strength Collagen (formerly CollaFlex Drink)

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