Cherry Active, CherryActive capsules, 60 capsules - now in new packaging

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Winner of Best Product, Supplements and Remedies Natural Trade Show Awards

CherryActive Capsules are made using very high quality, freeze dried, powdered Montmorency cherry skins, in a 100% vegetarian capsule with no additives or binding agents

Montmorency Cherries have been discovered to be a good source of potent, natural antioxidants and flavonoids.
From helping to maintain healthy joints and muscles, lowers uric acid levels (hence preventing excruciating gout attacks), getter better sleep and helping to detox the body, the antioxidant compounds in CherryActive Capsules are already helping thousands of customers enjoy a healthy and fruitful life.

Directions for Use

Take one tart cherry capsule (two max) a day with water.

Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not to be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of sight and reach of children. If pregnant or taking medication, consult doctor of pharmacist before use.


Per capsule: freeze-dried, powdered Montmorency cherries 435mg, 100% vegetarian shell (cellulose).

500mg capsule contains 100 Montmorency Cherries

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