Pharma Nord, Q10 Toothpaste, 75ml

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Pharma Nord Q10 toothpaste is specially formulated to keep teeth and gums healthy. It contains co-enzyme Q10 which helps maintain the level of Q10 found in healthy teeth pockets. Pharma Nord Q10 toothpaste has been developed as an aid to increasing the amount of co-enzyme Q10 in the gums of patients with gum disease.

By using Q10 toothpaste regularly, the concentration of Q10 in the tooth pockets can be maintained at a healthy level. Sucrose laurate has been added to the toothpaste in order to inhibit the growth of cavity causing bacteria.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that supplementation with Q10 is especially helpful to those who suffer from periodontal disease.

Brushing with Q10 toothpaste can help restore the natural balance of micro-organisms present in the mouth, which helps to maintain healthy gums.

Contains fluoride.


Brush teeth twice daily.

Pharma Nord Q10 Toothpaste

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