Swiss Health, Fat Magnets Plus 450mg, 200 capsules

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Fat Magnets Plus is a natural food supplement made from a patented formula of ChitosanPlexâ? ¢, safely removing unwanted fat from your food. They allow you to manage your weight to suit your needs and permit you to occasionally 'indulge' in rich tasty foods without suffering subsequent guilty pains.
Unlike plant fibres, Chitosan has a positive ionic charge. In the ChitosanPlexâ? ¢, a special refining process removes all the iodine and protein from the fibre, leaving an organically inert substance with a positive charge. It is because of this positive charge that, each capsule has the ability to attract digested fats, which are negatively charged. Just as opposites attract, the fat is grabbed, 'like iron filling to a magnet'. The 'captured' material is then passed harmlessly through the digestive tract.
Are Fat Magnets safe?
Yes, Chitosan is categorised under the food supplement guide lines as a natural fibre which is generally regarded as safe. Since their launch in 1997, over 100 million capsules have been sold, in many countries.
WARNING: Individuals with shellfish allergies should consult a doctor before using this product.
ChitosanPlex (Shellfish fibre extract), Gelatine, Ascorbic acid (antioxidant), Oat bran, Citric Acid, Locust Bean Gum, Malic Acid and Lactic Acid
Directions for Use
Take two to four capsules before main meals, with plenty of water. Swiss Helath suggest that you do not exceed the recommended daily intake of 8 capsules. To obtain maximum benefit they suggest drinking at least 2 litres of watrer during the course of the day. This exclusive ChitosanPlex formula is manufactured under licence in the UK from high quality ingredients.

Fat Magnets Plus

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