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Higher Nature MSM Glucosamine Joint Complex
240 veg tabs

Product Code: MSG240

We have combined MSM with Glucosamine Hydrochloride (superior to glucosamine sulphate), vitamin C, minerals, ginger and other herbs to help maintain flexible muscles and joints.
Not advisable if pregnant or taking Warfarin.


One tablet provides: 450mg MSM, 180mg Glucosamine (hydrochloride), 75mg Celery seed, 75mg Nettle, 75mg Ginger, 30mg Vitamin C, 15mg Ginseng, 5mg Zinc (citrate), 5mg Kelp, 250õg Copper (citrate), 250µg Boron (amino acid chelate).
Suggested intake: 1-4 tablets a day with meals, building gradually.

Flexible Joints and Muscles

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