Higher Nature Menophase
30 veg caps

Product Code: MEP030

Especially designed for women in the menopause years, this best-selling formula provides a potent blend of traditional Chinese herbs with vitamins and minerals.
Not advisable if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking Warfarin.
Two capsules provide: 120mg vitamin E (200iu), 100mg Hesperidin Complex, 50mg vitamin C, 50mg Schizandra berry extract 5:1, 50mg Siberian Ginseng, 105mg Sage leaf 5:1 extract, 44mg Magnesium, 20mg Niacin, 10mg vitamin B6, 10mg Hops, 10mg Angelica Archangelica, 10mg kelp, 10mg Dandelion, 5mg Zinc.
Suggested intake: 2 capsules a day.

Menopause wisdom - Improved Formula

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