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Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Collagen Creme Serum, 150ml

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Collagen Creme Serum firms and plumps facial tissue within minutes of being applied, helping to smooth away wrinkles at any age. Collagen does its restructuring work best at night, during alpha sleep, but it can also be applied in the morning. After 10 minutes apply your usual moisturiser. Creme Serum contains the highest level of pure marine (non-5hark) collagen, plus MSM, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to amplify the effect. Best used with three capsules of Collagen Restructuring Complex daily. Contains nut oil.
Active ingredients: Soluble marine collagen (non-5hark), Aloe vera, sweet almond oil, castor seed oil, MSM, vitamin E, panthenol, vitamin C, extracts of comfrey, Irish moss & fennel fruit, hyaluronic acid.

Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Collagen Creme Serum

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