Quest Enzyme Biotix 30caps

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EnzymeBiotix contains six digestive enzymes and lactobacilli probiotic bacteria
This product has been encapsulated in acid resistant DRcaps?. DRcaps? are designed to delay the release of the active ingredients reducing the exposure of the sensitive probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes to the acidic environment in the stomach and releasing these ingredients directly into the intestine.

Bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, lactase, alpha-galactosidase (with maltodextrin), lactobacilli culture, amalase (with maltodextrin), capsules shell (hydoxypropylmethylcellulose, gelling agent: gelan gum)
Contains no hydrogenated fat, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours; added starch, sucrose, lactose or salt; wheat or gluten.
*At the time of manufacture.

Product Information:
One capsule contains:
Papain (48,000 USP Units/g) 240 USP Units 5mg
Amylase (40,000 SKB Units/g) 400 SKB Units 10mg
Lipase (105.000 Lipase Units/g) 6GD Units 6mg
Bromelain (1,200 GD Units/g) 6GD Units 5mg
Lactase (10,000 ALU/g) 1000ALU 100mg
Alpha-Galactosidase (10,000 GALU/g) 150 GALU 15mg
Lactobacilli Culture 12mg
(Providing 8 Billion* (8 x 10?)
L.acidophilus, L.casei. L.rhamnosus)

Directions for Use:
Take one capsule with each meal as required. Swallow with water.
Do not exceed the stated dosage unless instructed by a qualified health professional.
Keep out the reach of children.
Suitable for vegans.

Quest, Enzyme Biotix 30caps

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