BonPom, Lucuma Powder, 200g

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In Peru, Lucuma was known as the "Gold of the Incas". This South American fruit is still highly revered for its fantastic taste and versatility which is probably why Lúcuma is one of the most popular flavours for ice cream in Peru!

This dried and powdered form of Lúcuma can easily be added to desserts or used as a mild sweetener. Lúcuma has a unique flavour, something between maple syrup and sweet potato! Add to smoothies, use in chocolate bars, desserts, hot milky drinks or ice cream.

Lucuma is a dried and powdered Peruvian fruit and makes a great natural sweetener. Lucuma in raw chocolate is delicious and can be used to sweeten raw cakes, puddings and even raw ice-cream.

Try adding a spoonful of lucuma to your favourite smoothie. It has a rich depth of flavour which I am sure you will love.
Useage: Add to smoothies, raw chocolate, desserts, ice cream

Serving Suggestion: 3 teaspoons (15g) or as directed in your favourite recipes

BonPom, Lucuma Powder

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