Natures Plus AgeLoss First Day Tablets 90 tabs

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An unhealthy inflammation response can hinder organs and systems throughout the body, including the heart, blood vessels, blood sugar, immune defenses, body fat, mood, sleep, digestion, brain function, respiratory function, and much more. Nature's Plus AgeLoss FIRST DAY? Healthy Inflammation Response counters the catabolic free radicals that contribute to the damaging effects of inflammation. FIRST DAY also supplies the world's greatest range of inflammation-targeted antioxidants and nutrients including:

Olive Hydroxytyrosol: With more than twice the amount of hydroxytyrosol that has earned international validation, AgeLoss First Day has more hydroxytyrosol than can be found in over 35 fresh olives! Many studies have found it can promote healthy inflammation response throughout the body.

Origanox? Oregano Extract: A natural byproduct of cellular energy production, the peroxide free radical contributes greatly to unhealthy cellular and systemic inflammation. Oregano phenolics are nature's premier peroxide free-radical eliminators. Origanox delivers more phenolics than can be found in over 50 teaspoons of dried oregano, for unprecedented activity.

Bromyl-7: Bromyl-7 is a unique and powerful supply of digestive and systemic enzymes associated with healthy inflammation response. In addition to bromelain, which naturally supplies 7 distinct classes of pineapple enzymes, Bromyl-7 features over 4000 Units of Serrapeptase activity for optimal results.

REJUVABOLIC? Full Spectrum Antioxidant Blend: This vibrant complex of antioxidant-packed botanicals, including grape seed, bilberry, blueberry, trans-resveratrol and quercetin, supports optimized activity against the free radicals associated with inflammation.

With over 10,000 total ORAC units of antioxidant activity against all major classes of inflammation-related free radicals, FIRST DAY? Healthy Inflammation Response supports the healthy functioning of all 8 major classes of molecules involved in the body's inflammation response, including:

CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2)
TNF (tumor necrosis factors)
Nitric and nitrous inflammatory mediators
Prostaglandin inflammatory mediators

FIRST DAY provides a nutritional boost for healthy inflammation response, more comprehensive than anything that has come before.

FIRST DAY (Healthy Inflammation Response Blend) [Green Tea, Acai, turmeric, Rhodiola rosea, grape]

Thione Complex [glutathione, selenium (as selenomethionine), N-acetyl-cysteine, grape seed extract], Flamxyl ? (Live enzyme matrix) [Bromyl-7 (glycosylated bromelain enzyme complex), Serrapeptase, coenzyme Q10, trace elements]

REJUVABOLIC (Full Spectrum antioxidant Blend) [grape seed extract, wild blueberry, quercetin, trans-resveratrol, wild blueberry, cranberry, cherry, plum, raspberry seed, strawberry]

dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, annatto seeds *, Amla*, guava *, rice protein *, pharmaceutical glaze

* Organic Gold Standard potentiating Nutrients

Natures Plus AgeLoss First Day Tablets 90 tabs

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