Solgar, Balance Rhodiola Complex, 60 veg caps

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Solgar Balance Rhodiola Complex is especially designed to help combat the effects caused by stressful events. Stress is all around us, and can come from mental, emotional, or physical strain and can be caused by anxiety or overwork - but it is how we deal with it that is important. Solgar has selected specific nutrients and botanicals that help our bodies adapt to stressful situations.

Rhodiola Root Extract - Containing more than 30 compounds

Liquorice Root Extract - Containing Glycyrrhizin which has been shown to counteract the effects of adrenal hormone deficiency.

Roman Chamomile Extract - Has been used traditionally to relieve stress and anxiety and enhance feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Magnesium - This is required for adrenal health and the synthesis of adrenal stress hormones. Magnesium is the key nutrient involved in in proper nerve impulse transmission and deficiencies have been linked with anxiety disorders.

Pantothenic Acid:Containing vitamin B5 which is a precursor of coenzyme A - this is required for synthesis of various hormones, including adrenal hormones.

Tyrosine: are synthesised from tyrosine and become depleted during stress. Studies support the use of tyrosine's adaptogenic properties under extreme environmental conditions or psychological stress.

Ester C, citrus bioflavonoids, niacin, spinach, kelp, vitamin B6, pumpkin seed powder, broccoli, rosemary leaf extract and montmorency cherry.

1 - 2 tablets daily, preferably at mealtime.

Solgar, Balance Rhodiola Complex, 60 veg caps

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