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Amino Complex

What Are Amino Acids ?

The body uses amino acids to build protein.

There are two types: essential and nonessential. The body gets essential amino acids from foods, but it can manufacture the nonessential amino acids on its own if the diet is lacking in them.

There are some 80 amino acids found in nature but only 20 are necessary for proper human growth and function.

What Amino Acids Do.

They help make neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that convey messages in the brain.

They also help produce hormones such as insulin.

They are essential for the repair and maintenance of organs, glands, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair & nails.

Why Amino Acid Supplements Are Important.

An amino acid deficiency is usually caused by a diet that is low in protein, although the level of certain acids can also drop in the presence of trauma, infection, medication effects, stress and aging.

Certain amino acids taken in supplement form may aid in fighting heart disease, lowering blood pressure and in protecting against stroke.

They are also thought to help in treating cancer, reducing sugar cravings, building immunity, and protecting the body in various other ways.

Look for amino acid supplements prefaced by the letter L (such as L-arginine). These are more similar to the amino acids in the body than are amino acid supplements prefaced by the letter D.

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