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Vitamin B Crucial to Children's Mental Health (04/10/2012)

From Insciences Organisation, Science Network 04 October 2012
A new study has uncovered a significant link between vitamin B levels and the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents.... Read more: here

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Fish oil may double benefits of exercise for elderly (06/09/2012)

From The Telegraph 06 September 2012
A combination of regular doses of fish oil and gym exercises improved the muscular strength of a group of women in their late sixties by 20 per cent in a new study...

Read more: here

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Could a lack of Vitamin D be making you sick? (01/05/2012)

From Daily Mirror 01 May 2012

The latest studies have touted Vitamin D levels as a key factor in everything from cancer to depression – yet most of us have dangerously low levels...

Read more: here

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B-vitamins may slow onset of Alzheimer's (15/09/2011)

From The Guardian 13 September 2011

Large doses of B-vitamins could slow the cognitive decline in older people that is the precursor to dementias such as Alzheimer's disease, according to a study.
Read the full article from The Guardian here

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Manuka honey may fight superbugs (15/04/2011)

From The Independent 14 April 2011

Manuka honey, derived from honeybees in New Zealand, might be the next medical weapon against chronically infected wounds and even "superbugs," bacteria resistant to antibiotics, according to new research...
Read the full article from The Independent here

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Benefits of Zinc for colds! (16/02/2011)

From the Telegraph 16 Feb 2011
"Take zinc to fight a cold, say scientists
The best way to shake off a cold is to take supplements of the trace metal zinc, scientists say today. While zinc is perhaps best known for protecting cars against rust, in minute quantities it has a host of important physiological functions.

Now a review of 15 clinical trials published since 1984 has concluded that taking supplements can reduce the length of a cold and help ward one off in the first place.

The conclusions of the Cochrane Collaboration, an Oxford-based not-for-profit institution that reviews existing studies to spot trends missed by looking at them individually, could lead in time to zinc replacing vitamin C as the cold 'cure' of choice.

The latest Cochrane Review found that people who took a zinc syrup solution or lozenge every two hours while they had a cold were twice as likely to have shed it within a week as those who took a placebo.

Children who took a zinc tablet once a day for at least five months were also a third less likely to get colds as those who took a placebo.
The recommended daily amount is 15mg.
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Health Issues

Vitamins and Supplements

Ideally, we should get all the vitamins and minerals we need from the food that we eat. We tend to absorb nutrients more effectively if they’re in our food, rather than taken via a tablet. However, due to modern farming methods causing a depletion of micro-nutrients and our hectic lifestyles it may be difficult to obtain all the vitamins and minerals we need to obtain an ideal diet. Supplementation to our diet therefore becomes necessary to maintain good health.

With the supplements available at shops today, it’s possible for any of us to exceed the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals. But beware: more doesn’t always mean better. If you take supplements, you need to know what you’re taking, and the possible consequences. Research suggests, for example, that having more than 1.5 miligrams of vitamin A every day over a period of years could make your bones weaker and more likely to fracture. Taking large doses of vitamin C can cause stomach pain and diarrhoea. With many vitamins and minerals, little evidence exists on the long-term benefits or harms that may come with large regular doses.

There are circumstances, though, in which specific supplements are recommended. Pregnant women are advised to take:

- 400 micrograms of folic acid a day, to reduce the chances of birth defects.
- A daily vitamin D supplement. This is also recommended for breastfeeding women.

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